Parenting after a disaster: Experiences since Black Saturday


In the aftermath of a disaster parenting is often recognised for its influence on children’s well-being and recovery, however little is known about the experience of parenting in this context. Not only are parents faced with caring for a child who may have experienced significant trauma, but they themselves will have been affected by the event as well as subsequent disruption and stress related to the recovery process. The 2009 Victorian bushfires resulted in tragic loss of life, significant destruction of property and land, and disruption to communities. Through interviews with parents who were living in an area affected by the 2009 bushfires with their children, this thesis aims to develop an understanding of parenting after a disaster that may in turn be used to inform interventions to support parents and their families post-disaster.



Lauren Kosta (PhD candidate)
Professor Louise Harms (Principal supervisor)
Associate Professor Lisa Gibbs (Co-supervisor)
Dr David Rose (Co-supervisor)

The University of Melbourne

This research is supported by a Strategic Research APA scholarship through the Melbourne Social Equity Institute

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